Praying hard on the knees

A few days ago, I realized it’d been since October since I was able to kneel in prayer. In August when I had my bad ear infection, I was still able to kneel in prayer. In September when I had that blasted walking pneumonia, I was still able to knee in prayer. Now, why is it important for me to kneel in prayer? Well, to tell the truth, it’s being humble before God.

Recently, I was watching Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace with my kids and I noticed something. It wasn’t the fact that I was watching The Phantom Menace but it was that one scene (spoiler alert) where Queen Amidala kneels before Da Big Boss of the Gungans asking for help in defeating the Trade Federation’s army and occupation of Naboo. Now, this isn’t a Spiritual Sci-Fi Friday (not this time at least, but maybe later) but there’s something interesting going on there.

When we kneel before someone else, we’re saying that they are the one with power over us, that they are the ones whom we are yielding to, to whom we are beseeching, to whom we are begging. And this is why, especially for intense, important issues, I come and kneel in prayer before God.I would come before God, pleading with him for our church here in Corsica. I come before him, on my knees lifting up those whom I love, those who are part of our church, lifting up people in the community and the town itself.

Because of my knee, I haven’t been able to. And that was tough at first. My knee couldn’t take the pressure of my kneeling. And it hurt. I couldn’t do it. What could I do. I had a lot going on in my mind, in my head. I had a lot going on in my heart. I desperately wanted to fall on my knees in prayer. But I couldn’t.

And so I sat. My knee didn’t hurt when I sat. I sat in prayer, my head in my hands, lifting up in prayer our church, those whom I loved, those whom I cared for, those whom I felt called to pray for. I began to pray more and more. Each minute I had. When I wake in the morning, I grab my cell and read a quick devotional off of the Youversion app. When I have silence in the car, I pray. When I have moments where I’m able to steal away, I pray. When I’m by myself and no one’s around I pray. But I still miss praying on my knees.

I’ve started riding slowly on my one buck exercise bike. Very slowly. It’s hard for me. I like pushing hard. I like riding fast. But I want my knee to get better. I’m working on slowly getting my knee well enough so that I might once again kneel before God in prayer. But I’m also looking forward to continuing praying to him in all occasions, praying continually.

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