The productivity of the nap

So, yesterday around 9ish, I realized that I was just not going to be productive at all that day. It wasn’t a conscious decision, but more so one thrust upon my by my Spidey senses of procrastination. I knew at that moment, that if I set out to continue doing my work, I’d hardly get anything done whatsoever.

But what could I do. I had meetings, I have deadlines I need to meet. I had visits I needed to do. But I also knew that if I wasn’t with it, nothing I would do would be done with as much productivity and attention that it needs. I weighed my options, did a few necessary items and then laid down for a nap. A nice hour and a half nap.

The phone rang twice. I should have turned off the ringer, but oddly, it didn’t affect my nap at all. I figured if it was important, they’d leave a message. That and I’d be more attentive to what was needed if I was more rested and alert.

I’ll be honest, what I said above was partially my own personal reasoning and why I should just crawl back under the covers because the coffee was just not cutting it. But after I awoke, it was as if nothing else had happened before. I’ve never taken one of those five hour energy drinky thingys but I felt like I had taken one and was wide awake.

In fact, I was more productive in three hours than I would have been all day.

Moral of the story: Naps. Are. Good. And we need more of them.

In our day and age, taking a nap during the day is seen as lazy and…well, lazy. There’s work to be done, get off your keister and do it. Do it now. Don’t just lay there, do something. My response, don’t just do something, lay there.

To be honest, this is one of things I’ve been learning. Stop. Sit. And Be.

So, do you want to be productive? Do you want to be healthy? Do you want to make sure that you’re not so tired that it’s the same level as a .08 on a breathalyzer test? Then rest. Take a nap. Put it in your schedule and say “Sorry, Boss, I have an important thing I gotta do for about an hour or so this afternoon.” Yeah, he’ll probably catch on, but hey, he be getting cranky and need a nap here soon too.

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