When’s it okay to be a monster

Yes, I will admit it–I love bacon. And if you add that bacon on a two thick 1/3 lb patties slather on cheese and put a bun on it, I’m in artery clogging heaven. And I so had one today. Yum.

Wait? What! This is the healthy blog, right? The messed up one’s Jacob’s Limp, right?

I learned something from Weight Watchers–it’s okay to have good stuff sometime but not all the time. It’d been a good two months since I had one. And before that, a good three months. Not every three days.

Though the Weight Watchers program has been canceled, the app remains. I’m not given points, but I am able to count them. I’m not given the wiggle room points, but I know I can still think of them (if that makes sense)

I’ve been trying to once again get back in the groove of paying attention to what’s going into my pie whole (especially making sure it’s not pie..or at least a lot of it). I’m also standing firm on what my Kryptonite is. I love sweets. And so I have to keep them away as much as possible. If I have Chewy Chips-Ahoy or cookies of any kind in the house, they are so gone (with a nom nom nom). Cake? Gone too. Candy? It’s gone. Graham Crackers? They’re still here from last year.

What I love is how, when someone offers you something really stinking good to eat, and I say no thank you, I’m told, “Oh, just a little bit is fine.” Or “You can put your diet to the side for tonight.” To tell the truth, would you tell a recovering alcoholic that one drink won’t kill him or a recovering drug addict that one more toke is just fine. (Okay, so yes, that is a bit extreme of a comparison) Yet when I honestly try to keep things in moderation and actually try to have a strong will when it comes to the temptress of cheese cake or the evilness of devil food’s cake, one more for the line sweet Jesus is just fine.

I’m okay with bacon…chocolate bacon might be an issue. And so, I try hard to purge my house of all sweets. Some sweets in moderation is fine. Them 100 calorie pack cookies are fine too because I only eat one bag. Same with the low calorie snacks. (To be honest, there’s a reason why they’re diet food. They don’t taste as good so you don’t eat as much).

I know I’ll be told that one more piece is just fine. I’m going to do my best to say no. I really am. No, seriously, I am. I can do all things through him who gives me strength. I’m praying “lead me not into chocolate but deliver me from the evil twixt for thine is the kingdom and the power and the deliverer from the sweettooth.”

My worry, what with my bum leg and hectic schedule and lack of motivation during the darkest month of the year? Yeah, New Year’s resolution here I come. Into God’s loving care, here I fall.

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