Jacob’s Limp and the Green Hornet

I’m just inconsistent lately. To quote Katy Perry, “I’m hot and I’m cold, I’m up and I’m down” or something like that. To tell the truth, that song really is on my iPod on on at least two playlists. I have no clue why. Of course, so is Taylor Swift…right next to Pink and Halestorm…but this is so not what this post is supposed to be about.

(warning possible spoiler alerts, and I’m being serious this time)

I’ve been a fan of the Green Hornet for years. I have very fond memories of listening to the radio shows when I was a kid. No, I’m not like the Highlander or something. When I was a kid, our TV broke and we just didn’t have the money to really buy a new one. There was a radio station in town that on Sunday nights played old radio shows from the time of yesteryear (which spell check says is a real word). We bought a whole bunch of radio shows on cassette tape (that’s an old version of a CD or play list on an iPod). We’d listen to them on long car trips. Loved them. I loved hearing the Green Hornet and listening to that song Flight of the Bumble Bee.

And so, I was totally jazzed when the movie was coming out. My wonderful wife humored me to let me take her on a date to see it–in 3 frakin D even! And then I met Seth Rogen’s version of Britt Reid and I saw myself on the screen. Not so much as a super cool super hero who is a newspaper magnet heir rich cool boy. But instead I saw him as a man trying to make connections in his life. I saw him as a man who tried his best to live up to what his father wanted him to be. I saw him as a man that needed to step up and be who he needed to be to be the best that he can be (if that makes sense…it does…maybe I shouldn’t write these as stream of consciousness posts…moving on).

Britt Reid though must rely not on himself( as in the original radio drama and TV show) but instead, he needs to rely on Kato and his assitant/researcher Lenore Case. One of the things that I’ve been realizing is the fact that I need to rely on others. Britt needed to rely on those who knew more about a lot of stuff than he did. He tried doing it himself and, well, it didn’t go all to well.

In the end, (*spoiler alert*)he knew that he had to let go of certain things, accept that he couldn’t do it all and to give over to others. What I was so connected with (*spoiler alert*) was that moment when he started putting all the pieces together of the murder of his father (see, I told you, spoiler alert). It took him a while. But he was able to not only understand why his father had done what he had done, but why it was important to follow in his father’s footsteps. Not just that, but he also realized the importance of being humble enough to know that he had no control of what had happened but only to his response to it.

For me personally, that’s been a humbling experience. I don’t have control over the battle, only how I fight. I don’t have control over the mountain, only how I climb it. I don’t have control over the storm, only the way I weather it out.

Recently I read James 4:8 and 10

Come near to God and he will come near to you…Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.

There are humbling moments in all of our lives. Over the last few months, I’ve been learning the importance of humility, of placing pride aside and being willing to accept what I have no control over. When I was thinking about a Spiritual Sci-Fi Friday, I was struggling over exactly how to put this. In fact, it was started on Thursday, worked on on Friday and finally being (hopefully) finished on Saturday.Humility is a strange beast. Sometimes, as Britt Reid found out, you need to take a bullet to win, you need to loose in order to come out a head. Or as Jesus said, to serve instead of be served, to loose your life in order to save it.

(you can find more posts like this on the blog Jacob’s Limp)

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