A Matter of Perspective

(A wonderful guest post by my wonderful wife)

I’ve never done a blog before, so please be patient with me as I try something new. In fact, that sort of gets at what I wanted to blog about. I think I’ve avoided blogs in the past because I’ve been afraid of saying something silly or what others might think about me. However, I’ve been realizing that a lot of how we view ourselves and our life circumstances depends a lot on how we view it ourselves.

In life, a lot of bad things happen. A lot of good things happen, too. Often life gives us a combination of good and bad. However, we can see things that are a mixture of good or bad different ways. We can focus on the negative or we can look for the positive. Recently, I’ve been trying hard to reframe how I think so that I can face life more optimistically and with hope. It is too easy to be sucked into a negative frame of mind.

To change my perspective, I have had to surrender a lot of my life back to God. There is so much that I have no control over. I can do the best with what God entrusts me with, but each breath, each moment itself is a gift from God. I can’t control how someone else will react, how other people drive on the road, or even how the day will unfold. I need to trust that my loving heavenly Father will work everything out for my good as He has promised. (Sorry I don’t have my Bible handy for the scripture quote!) I need to surrender to God and rest His safe and loving arms.

By recognizing that I am not in control and by recognizing that I can’t control other people, I have become more free to rethink through my life. I can see beauty that God has worked in difficult circumstances. I am free to realize that I need to do my best and trust the rest to God. I am free of worrying what others think of me. (Well, I am still working on that one…) The bottom line has been an improved and healthier view of life. I enjoy it more. I am more optimistic. I am living life remembering that my loving Daddy is in control and taking care of me. It makes it easier to face difficulties or disappointments.

So will you surrender you life to God? Your ambitions, plans, your relationships, or whatever you are hanging on to? Can you entrust them to the Creator of all that loves you more than you can imagine? It is hard to do, and I often have to recommit myself to this goal. However, life is so much better.

Thanks for letting me share.


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