Ode to a Cheesecake

I pulled this one from the vaults. I wrote it back in ’99 for a college writing class I was in. This might explain some of my bad eating habits and my emotional attachments to food. Yeah, I’m weird.

Ode to a Cheesecake
How tempting she is! Such silky smooth skin
Perched on the table with her raspberry
Eyes fluttering at me. She’s like Eve to
Adam, like she to Samson. Like
Dave’s Bathsheba too.

I’m a fool like Adam; Samson and I
are weak; Dave and I aren’t wise, Its she that
breaks me, she tears me down to
A whimpering belly.
A stomach with out a will, heart, nor mind.

A Cheesecake! My! My! Mars Bars I need not;
Nor do I wish for those colored two M’s
Devil’s food cake scares me, angel food’s too pure
And the sundaes can never be
around on their names.

Raspberry swirled or shaved chocolate tossed through.
You temptress you! Grabbing my eyes until
my taste buds begin to drool. You whisper
my name so softly, I alone
hear your soft sweet voice!

With those coy fluttering Raspberry eyes.
Well…Dave did go out and see Bathsheba.
Samson did love his Delilah so fair.
And Adam took from Eve that fruit
Forbidden by God.

Such silky smooth skin tempts me from her plate!
Oh, you sweet cheesecake, My sin is eaten.

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