My life in Technicolor

I wanted to say my life with ADHLAS (Attention Deficit…Hey! Look! A squirrel…I got that from somewhere else, it wasn’t me who came up with it but for the life of me I can’t remember from whom it came…but now I’m digressing) but I thought “My Life in Technicolor” explained it a bit better. Sometime back I posted what I called the Adult ADD Prayer. Now, to be honest, that prayer took a long time to write and publish on the blog. I’m not saying that I toiled over each word and rewrote it over and over again. What I mean is the fact that I started writing it, lost it, found it, worked a bit more on it, lost it again, (mind you, this was on my computer and later I learned on my eternal hard drive and on my flash drive) forgot about it.

Then a year or so later thought it’d be a good it’d be a cool idea to write what it was like to have ADD in the guise of a prayer using the Lord’s prayer. Then I remembered I had written one like that some time ago. I then began looking in earnest for what I had written. I finally found it. To my surprise, it was already written! I didn’t even remember finishing it up in the first place.

But why in Technicolor? Besides the fact that it just sounds cool to make that the title of the post it also explained a few things…which I’ve now forgotten. This is why I need to start writing things down.

Let me give you an example of ADD from one of my Facebook statuses

Go home to change shirts. Decide to take a shower instead. Take the shower, get dressed head to church. Realize I forgot my glasses at home. Still check e-mail and do some work. Realize I still need my glasses. Go home, realize it’s 12:30 and I’m hungry. Eat lunch. Realize I need to take my meds for pneumonia. Take the meds. Then I go back to the church office. Realizing I once again forgot my glasses come home and can’t find them. After checking to see if they are actually on my face (they weren’t) I then search for them. During the process, I realize I grabbed my bears hat and was headed out the door. I then went back and found my glasses. Saw that they needed cleaning. Went to grab some klenex. Couldn’t remember which one was the vicks klenex and which one was the regular. After sniffing them, I found the glass cleaner, cleaned the glasses and went back to the office. Total time elapse: 1.5 hours.


One of the problems I’ve always faced is the fact that so many people think that it’s some how my fault that if I just worked hard enough I could focus better. Some blame my upbrining and watching too much TV as a kid (still love Transformers and introducing them to my son but I think that’s for another post). Some say that ADD is just an excuse to do weird things. Okay, so sometimes it’s a good excuse but don’t use it all the time.

When I try to explain this to other people, they usually say “Oh, I’m just like that. I have a hard time focusing.” Reeeeaaaaalllllyyy… do you have such a hard time focusing that you forget what time it is and don’t get your kid from school because you’re doing something else? Do you have problems getting to work on time because you forget what you were doing? You might constantly loose your keys, but have you found them in the fridge next to the milk?

I think in many ways we all get distracted. It’s part of life to do so. But when it begins to hamper your life then there’s issues at hand. ADD is real. I love to joke about it. I have fun with it. But sometimes it can take over an hour just to boil water.

One of the problems I have is the fact that my mouth moves faster than my brain. Sometimes I’ll just blurt something out before thinking about it. It’s not that I don’t have self control, it’s more of the fact that my brain and my mouth don’t always plan things out. Here’s an example of how the brain and mouth work.

Brain: oooohh.. that’s a cool pun I could use there…

Mouth: pun? Pun? Use a pun go to jail at the punitentiary. Some one stole a cartoon from the Far Side and they called it larsony.

Brain: Dude, shush, I wasn’t finished yet…

Mouth: Are you finished yet? That’s a good steak. That’s a mistake, take it back. Love the Marx Brothers. Say the magic woid and da duck will come down. You ever see Duck soup, it was the first movie by the Marx Brothers and it bombed big time cause it was an anti war song. I knew someone who had a T-Shirt that said Marx and Lennon and had a picture of Groucho and John Lennon…

Brain: Dude, stop it already


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One Response to My life in Technicolor

  1. jbenton8 says:

    Just want to point out one thing. I thought I finished up the post with something else. Turns out I either forgot to finish it or walked away, came back and published it.

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