The ties that bind

I’m weird. I’m a nerd. I like to study. I like to do research. When I was in the full swing of my workouts, I started studying some basics of muscular anatomy. I wanted to know what muscle groups I was working and how my routine was affecting each muscle group. I studied up on tendons and ligaments. I studied how the muscles grow due to tearing as they are pushed when lifting weights. I studied some basics on the skeletal frame we humans have. I looked at how the bones moved in unison with the muscles. I’m a total nerd. I did all of this to help improve how I lifted weights.

And now, now I’m sitting not able to really do much. I was at first able to do some of the rubber-bandy things. And I’m still able to do some upper body. But part of the upper body exercises calls for me to stand on the bands so I can do things like curls and shrugs. And being on crutches doesn’t really help in that way.

Last week I had an MRI done on my knee and ankle. They saw that there was a signal within distal semimembranosus near its attachment probably representing a partial tear. In other words, I done tore part of a tendon that helps connect my muscles to the bone of my knee. And so I looked up one of my muscular anatomy books and saw that, yes, that is exactly what I did. It’s the one that helps with my calf muscle to my knee.

Not only that, but the found medial tibial plateau contusion with minimal subchondral (not midichlorians but subchondral) cortical impaction fraction, non-displaced. In other words, I done broke my knee too.

And so, I’ve been studying my books again, trying to come up with a routine that I can do with the rubber-bandy things and maybe some dumbbells (weights, not…never mind). The doc said it’s okay to keep on riding the bike slowly. And she also said that if I do leg exercises to only do my right leg and not my left…which made me think of having a buff right leg and a wimpy left. So, I’m going to stick to what I’m researching.

But I must get out of the books and into the weights. And this is tough. With over three months of not being able to be in the gym, the habit of going is gone. And the habit of not going is staying.

So, I try to push on. And push forward. And to push myself. Where do you need to push yourself to do what you now needs to be done? How have you done it?

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