Goodbye Weight Watchers (for Men)

Dear Weight Watchers (for Men)…

We got along so well at the beginning. You encouraged me along the way. You kept me in line. You helped me through my cravings for food that wasn’t good for me to eat in excess. You taught me to understand what I was eating.

But sadly, we’ve drifted apart these last number of weeks. Please, don’t cry. It’s not you Weight Watchers, it’s me. Though you’ve been by my side since July, I don’t think we can be together any more.

I want you to know that it isn’t how you treated me. You were an amazing encourager. You kept me on my toes. You kept me accountable to my actions and helped me have self-discipline.

I want you to know that I am the one who drifted away. And so, I must let you go. I must set you free. Maybe someday, someday we can be together again (especially if there’s that three month deal that they had over the summer). But until then, I must leave you.

Shhhh… don’t speak. I know what we both are thinking. You have taught me so much and I hope that I will be able to put into practice what you taught me these last few but sweet months. Know that you have helped me to become a looser in order to become a winner. You helped me gain such confidence in what I did and who I was.

Thank you dear Weight Watchers (for Men). Until we meet again.


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