Jacob’s limp and the humbling of Han Solo

Thursday was a tough day. It was. I had to rely on so many people. I couldn’t just do what I wanted to do. I had to think everything through. I had to make sure I knew what I needed exactly where in order to do basic things such as making my kids breakfast in the morning. You’d think it’s simple huh? Well, with a three year-old and a very wanting-to-be-helpful-unless-Jake-and-the-Neverland-Pirates-are-on-TV six year-old it can be tough. I’ve learned that if I want to walk, I can’t carry anything. And if I want to carry something, I’m unable to walk. If I about with my cane or just one crutch, I begin to hurt (this is what happens when you tear/pull a ligament and have a small fracture on the top of your tibia). And so, I must rely on others. I must take things slowly.

And the way my mind works, it somehow made its way to Han Solo being frozen in carbonite. Han’s always been cocky and smooth (by the way, Han Solo is from Star Wars if you were wondering and why, yes, this is a Spiritual Sci-Fi Friday). But he’s also an arrogant scruffy looking nerf herder. Of course, his response is “who’s scruffy looking?” Even at the end of Empire Strikes Back (*spoiler alert*) while Han is being prepared to be frozen in carbonite, Princess Leia says to him “I love you.” And with that Han Solo smirk he says back, “I know.” And then he’s dipped, frozen and shipped off to Jaba the Hut.

Han Solo, the very name states that he went at it alone. His ever present partner in crime Chewbaca (Chewy for short) smuggled what ever they could whenever they could. But now in his frozen state, he was dependent on others to help.

I thought of this around 8ish this morning. Why 8ish? Because, I was crutching up the steps to my office at church when a parishioner very lovingly asked if she could help. I had just opened the door to the office and was almost inside. But her action of love and caring got me to thinking: Han had people who cared for him. And in order for him to accept that, he had to let them care for him.

Dude, that can be hard sometimes. I’m having the hardest time doing it, that’s for sure. In fact I was even bemoaning the very issue that I would have to use crutches instead of a cane (and I was already not liking the cane to begin with). I bemoaned even on Facebook. To which another parishioner lovingly reminded me of the very words I preached that Sunday. She told me to “cowboy up.” (long story but I knew what it meant).

The way I gotta cowboy up on this one is by allowing others to help me. I need to just take the crutches and submit to their crutchiness that they are. And once again, I thought about Han. His friends risked life and limb and Leia risked modesty and belly dancing lessons to save him. And when he finally was defrosted, he couldn’t see. He was blinded with hibernation sickness. And so he had to trust what the other people were doing.

Han Solo was the bragaban who swooped in and saved the day in Episode IV. He was the Macho guy who flew them through the asteroid belt with whatever number that was CP30 stated were the chances to get through. And yet he, even he had to humbly accept help from others.

One of the things I’m learning is that as much as I love helping others from the bottom of my heart, as much as I deeply feel called to be Christ to others, I also shouldn’t take that opportunity away from those who want to be Christ to me.

Han helped out so many people, he had to allow them to help him out and not take that away from them even if, as he said, “all have delusions of grandeur.”

We all want to be used to help others. We all love the fact that we can go out  of our way to help someone else who is in need. This is what I’m learning on this journey of being humbled, sometimes the best way to help others is to allow them to help you.

And dude, that is hard to learn.

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