Jacob’s limp further down the mountain

So, now I’m on crutches. Apparently, according to the PA that saw me, “boned my leg pretty bad.” Didn’t know that the term “boned” was a medical term. But to tell the truth, makes a lot of sense. I tore a ligament behind my knee and have a small compression fracture on my tibia right where the joint is for the knee and tibia. Yeah, I’d call that pretty much boned.

In walking with the cane, I’m starting to think I was being taught some humility, relying less upon myself and more upon people. I hopped along on the cane pretty good. I got good with that thing to tell the truth. I was even about to put more duct tape on it (to fix the quacks in the cane…you gotta say it out loud). I was even having fun making up reasons why I had to walk with a cane (my favorite was “Never make fun of a Russian wrestler with a lisp”…yeah, you gotta say that one out loud with a lisp to get it). But to tell the truth. I slipped. I fell. I made a choice and I’m accepting what happened to me.

The thing is, now when people ask me about what happened, I take a second to ask myself “Was it really worth it?” And then I look at the picture I took. Yes, yes it was worth it. I looked out, saw the curvature of the earth and saw all the awesome that God placed on the earth. But I have to remind myself now rather than being able to speak right away that it was.

I’m wondering why that is.

Jacob had his limp he had when he wrestled with God. His very name was changed from Jacob to Israel. But didn’t he fully get what happened? It makes me wonder how many times, when we get further and further away from something that really struck us, how often to we begin to forget about the importance of it. Once we come down from the mountain and once again get back into the grind, how often do we forget what happened.

We can’t always live on top of the mountain though. It’s impossible. But we must take what we learned with us back into the every day.

So many times when I learned how to do a new exercise a new routine, I’d get excited and go for it. When I first discovered the JEFIT app, I was stoked. I used it all the time. Then my phone broke and there wasn’t a JEFIT app for iPhone yet. And soon I forgot about the awesomeness of the app. Eventually they came out with an iPhone version. It rocks. Yet now that I’ve been sick and limping along, I haven’t been able to truly use it. Or could I and just not realize I can. Not sure about that one. I might have to start tracking my very slow use of the $1 exercise bike I bought at the auction during the summer (Why I didn’t bid more on the golf lessons when I got the $10 golf clubs, I’ll never know).

There is awesome all around us. And we experience awesome all the time. Yet sometimes the further away we are from it, we forget the importance of the awesome.

Where have you had that awesome experience in your life? How awesome did it seem weeks down the road after you left the awesome. Did you stay with what you experienced or did it fade into a dim memory of the past, only brought out when company comes over?

Don’t let go of the awesome. Don’t forget the awesome. Share the awesome. Let the awesome fuel you.

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