Them rubber-bandy-things and a one dollar bike

I’ve been missing my workouts. I miss being able to do my squats. I miss being able to bench. I miss going at my heavy bag. When I had that blasted frakin walkin pneumonia, I kept getting out of breath when I tried to do, well any of the above.

I was so excited when I finally healed up that I could get back to what I loved doing. Get back to what helped me recharge and to refocus.

And then I hurt my knee and my ankle. Dude. And I tried doing situps and pushups for a while. That seemed to work until my knee and ankle started hurting. I even tried doing one legged pushups and that didn’t work either. I wound up canceling my gym membership because I hadn’t used it in three months and probably wouldn’t for a while. Hard to do but money needs to be saved right now.

And then I began to stop working out all together. What was the use? I’m hop along Cassidy, emphasis on hop along and underemphasis on the Cassidy part. Some pumpkin pies later (way delicious ones given to me by wonderful ladies from church) I saw it. Those rubber bandy stretchy thingys I bought to try to do the Strength Training Workout Book by that French dude. I know a little while back I said I was going to give them a shot. To be honest, I didn’t. I just didn’t mention that I didn’t.

I walked through some of the upper body exercises. I sat on a stool so I wouldn’t put weight on my knee and ankle. And I went at it very slowly and gently. I was not about to hurt myself right now in any way. I was only testing it out. It went well. Tomorrow I’m going to try it again.

But I needed more. Down in my basement, I have an old exercise bike I bought at an auction for a buck. Seriously. No one was bidding on it so I offered a dollar for it. Had no idea what I was going to do with it but I figured I’d find something. And I did. My kids liked getting in trouble for playing on it.

But then this morning I realized that a good exercise for knees is riding a bike. This morning, I went 10 minutes on the bike, watching the news. Very slowly I peddled and paid attention to how my knee and ankle responded. A bit of pain but I felt the range of motion doing well. Not sure if I’ll go back to that or not but it’s something to consider.

And so, I’m looking at how I can compensate during my injury and what may come next. Soon (well, maybe in a month or two now) I’ll be up to a better level and will be able to go at my heavy bag once again. Fingers crossed.

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