The princesses and the cook

I have a daughter. I have a three year-old daughter. I have a three year-old daughter with whom we tried real hard to protect from the evil alliance of Disney Princesses. But then it happened. We thought that it’d be okay to have Tinker Belle. She’s spunky and nice. She helps people. And Disney released the whole Tinker Belle movie series, we liked her even more. what we didn’t realize is that Tinker Belle was the gateway princess to the Disney Princesses.

Then we came across the movie Tangled and the character Rapunzel. Rapunzel wasn’t an official Disney Princess so we thought that’d be okay for our daughter. She loved the movie. She called it the “hair” movie. We thought Rapunzel would be okay because she was artistic and kind and during the movie developed into a strong character who could stand up for her self. So that’d be an okay character to have around our daughter.

And then slowly, people started giving my daughter various Disney Princesses and clothing. We were still against them but what could you do? My daughter was loving them. And of course, the diapers that were on sale one day were the pull ups with the princesses on them. Of course, then grandma had to step in and take it up a notch. She got my daughter a set of Disney Princesses figurines. Oh boy. I had no idea how to deprogram her. She even started calling her self a princess. What could I do.

Then I realized, Star Wars could cure that. Princess Leia was a princess with a blaster and could kick butt doing her princessy thing. I started to get a bit worried though when my daughter started humming the Imperial March and said that Darth Mal was her favorite character. She even wanted a red “lightsaver.”

Then we came to Attack of the Clones (which I’ve always thought was a weird title, something more for a B movie than a Star Wars one, but Sir George Lucas can do what he wants…so not going into that now). As soon as she saw the character of the cook and old friend of Obi Wan Kenobi (still forget the cook’s name) my daughter raced over to where I keep my Star Wars action figur…I mean figurines (yes, I still have some…still buying them too actually) and grabbed the figurine of the cook. Since then, She’s kept it with her Disney Princesses, even bringing them to church with her, cook included.

I thought of this verse today

Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ, God forgave you. Ephesians 4:32

I’m realizing that what she saw in the cook is what she sees in the Disney Princesses. Not the whole princessy type of thing where they want to be pampered and waiting because some day their prince will come. What she’s seen instead in Rapunzel, in Tinker Belle and in some of the other Disney Princesses and the same as in the cook, is someone who is caring, who helps and who is there for friends. Obi Wan didn’t see the cook any more than a friend of his. Rapunzel learned to trust Flynn Rider, Tinker Belle had to trust and rely on her fellow Fairies and Obi wan trusted in the cook.

So, maybe there’s something I can learn from the evil…er, I mean the Disney Princesses. As long as my daughter can also enjoy and learn from Star Wars…and hopefully stop humming the Imperial March.

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