The Art of Living

There’s a line I like from a Superchick song called Cross that Line–“Everyone dies but not everyone lives”. (Check out their music video below) I’ve been doing a number of funerals over the last while and they’re hard. Very hard. Yet each one I do, I learn about the life of the person who passed into the gates of Glory. I learn about the life lived.

Since my trip to the Bad Lands (yes, yes I am bringing this up again), I’ve been pondering the concept of the wide path and the narrow path.

Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to live, and only a few find it. Matthew 7:13-14

There’s an art to living. But it all depends on which path you’re taking to live it. You can go down a path all you want, make all the achievements you want, do as many great and mighty things as you want, but if it’s down the wrong path, then it doesn’t really account for much.

The question is, what are you living for? What path are you walking down? So many times we work hard at what we do, but why are we working hard for it? For our own personal ends or for God’s glory? Why are you working out? (remember, this Spiritual Musclehead after all) Is it for the muscle? Is it to get the chicks? Is it to deal with your own personal issues when that one girl you really liked turned you down for the dance when you were a total dork in high school and went with the star quarterback instead? (No, this didn’t happen to me, seriously, it didn’t).

But, instead, if you’re doing these things because you want to be healthy, you want to do what’s right and keep yourself going strong for your family, for your friends, so you’re healthy enough to be around them longer, if you know that your body is truly a gift from God and you want to glorify him with your body, then there’s a different reason behind what you’re doing.

Entering through the narrow gate is hard to do. It takes effort, it takes determination, it takes risk. It takes lots of risk. Not many will get it. Many will think you’re off your rocker (see that, I used you’re and your properly). Many will think you’re weird. But stay on the narrow path, for it leads to life.

There is an art to living. To live in such a way that you are able to glorify God by what you do. The narrow path will bring trouble, it will bring heartache, there will be risk and trials, but it will also bring joy, and comfort. It will bring a peace that passes all understanding, it will bring meaning to your life and spur you own to continue to live in this new weird way.

Are you living this way? Are you walking the right path? Enter through the narrow gate. The broad path is easier than you think it is, the narrow gate will be a tough go but the view is always worth it.

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