Fighting for the image

I got a secret to tell you: Guys have self image problems too. Yeah. Weird huh? And I’m not talking about sissy things like hair and nails and stuff. I mean, for some guys, that is an issue and all and I’m not bashing you if you’re reading this, no seriously I’m not. But to be honest, even that’s just the surface of what the issue really is.

It’s a struggle of the image of what it means to be a guy. Seriously, that’s the image men have problems with. Am I a guy enough. Do I exude enough manliness. A lot of deal with this image issue by trying to pump as much iron as possible. If we work out hard enough, we’ll have enough muscle to show that we’re men. Or we’ll push hard in running and show that we’re good enough because we can conquer a marathon.

Men want to show that they are worthy–worth of the people in their lives, worthy of the women in their lives, worthy of their friends. And we place a lot of worth into what we do, hoping it makes us do better and be better.

And this is where I’ve been struggling. I’m so frustrated that since I hurt my knee and ankle, I’ve gained about 10lbs due to bad eating habits and inability to really lift or exercise. I had been doing so well. And as I looked at myself sideways in the mirror after weighing my self for that blasted Weight Watchers App, I realized I placed all myself worth into what the frakin’ stupid punk of a scale with the blinking red lights were telling me. I swear, that thing’s a Cylon (but that’s for a Spiritual Sci-Fi Friday down the road).

Men: How much do you place your self worth into how much you can bench, how far you can run, how big your muscles are, how many woman you’ve conquered, how many people youv’e beaten up. How much of your self worth have you placed in all that?

I got something to tell you: You’re self worth ain’t based on that. Real quick, I got a secret to tell you. You weren’t made in the image of what you think you should be. You were made in the image of God. And becaue of this, you have an image that is greater than all things you could think of. Now you just have to fight against what culture says a man should be like and go forward in the image of God.

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