Da Rules

Lately, I’ve been reciting rules to follow in different situations. Why? I don’t really know but they seem to really help out in certain areas when a quick decision needs to be made or a quick explanation of why we should do something they way we ought to do it (if that makes sense at all). And so, in the fashion of Agent Gibbs from NCIS, I’ve made a list of Da Rules…or call them axioms or cool (or somewhat cool…or maybe not at all cool) rules to use when needed in certain situations. I’ve left some blanks (just like the periodic table) to insert others down the road.

1. Don’t poke a tiger with a stick–In other words, don’t intentionally do something that will get a person riled up just to get them riled up.

2. If finesse doesn’t work, try brute strength–There is a time to be gentle and there is a time to be firm. Just know which is which.



5. If it ain’t broke…you might need to break it–just because it is working doesn’t mean it’s something that is still needed or can be used for the present situation at hand. If it is an old rule that no longer has meaning but is still being used, it might be time to break it.


7. You never know when you’ll need beef jerky–do I really need to explain that one.

8. Blessed are the flexible, for they will not be bent out of shape–there are times where you need to go with the flow and make it up as you go along or go with someone else’s idea instead of your own. Also shortened down to blessed are the flexible.

9. Maples don’t grow in Montana–just because it works in one place doesn’t mean it’ll work here.

10. Penguins aren’t eagles–you can’t expect someone to do what they aren’t built to do and go to a place where they aren’t made to go. They can be stretched but you can’t expect a penguin to fly or an eagle to swim in the Arctic for hours on end.

11. Failure isn’t an option, it is a necessity–if you’re not failing from time to time, you’re doing something wrong. We need to fail to learn how to do something the right way.

12. Dealer’s choice–the person who came up with the question of what should be done gets first crack at how it should be done.

Somewhere down they line I’ll add more. But for right now, these have been helpful for me. Hope they’re helpful for you too.

Do you have any sayings for Da Rules that you use? Share em below.

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