The Marine in me

My dad’s a Marine. He hasn’t been in the service since like the early ’80’s but once a Marine’s always a Marine as the saying goes. When I was a kid you knew you did well when you got an “Uh-Rah” from my dad. For a number of years, I had this sticker on my dresser and I’d look at it. It gave me gumption, it gave me encouragement. And call them what you will–devil dogs, leather necks, jar heads–them Marines are tuff sons of…you get my drift.

And so, growing up with a Marine sergeant as a dad, you learn a few things. Somethings I don’t think he meant to teach me, other things he tried to but it failed (no, a 5 year-old cannot do 50 chin-ups in 1 minute…okay, just kidding, in 2 minutes). But one thing I learned from the Marines in me is that idea of toughness, strength, perseverance. It is said that the Marines were the first to go in and the last to come out.

That being said, I gained 3lbs. Now, I will admit it was my fault. I won what I thought was a dozen cupcakes at the cakewalk at the school fundraiser (to be honest, I thought I’d loose). The dozen cupcakes turned out to actually be 20. And they were homemade. And they were frakin’ delicious too!

To top it off, with it being Clergy Appreciation Month and with other life situations happening right now, people’ve been bringing me a bunch of really really good food. And they’ve been bringing really really good pies too.

I had been doing so well and then last week I just stopped counting points all together. And when I weighed myself this morning and saw the weight, I dreaded entering it into the iPhone app I have from Weight Watchers. I was worried it’d chew me out like a drill sergeant who’s having a bad day. But it was nice, firm but nice and encouraging to keep at it.

And so now, I’m going to Marine up, shout “Uh-Rah!” and charge forward fighting against cupcakes of all different kinds.

Wish me luck!

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