Captian Kirk’s Lawsuit

I’ve always wondered why Captain James T Kirk was never slapped with a sexual harassment lawsuit. You’d think that the United Federation of Planets would have rules against fraternizing with subordinates let alone with xenogenics. And yet he did. He did repeatedly. And it was even joked about by the higher level officers. Yet no one brought it to the Federation as a complaint.

Some might make excuses such as: Well the show was set in the ’60’s. Well, even in the ’60’s there was a shout for women’s rights. Some might say “Well, have you seen how some of these women dress, I mean, c’mon. And some of the planets encouraged this behavior. And anyways, you wouldn’t have had the first biracial kiss on TV if he wasn’t like that.”

But since the, things have gotten pretty bad if I do say so myself. I love sci-fi, I really do. But there are times where I’m thinking “how come that guy is covered with armor looking all bad…uhm, donkey. And then you have the woman right next to him with the leather covering just the right areas or a little bit less. I mean, c’mon. Cyclops is covered head to toe in his costume and Emma Frost is just the opposite. (I mean, seriously, who fights crime in stiletto high heels?) And then people might say “What about the fact that women empowerment is all abut them being allowed to e sexual?” I understand you’re point, but it only shows a bigger problem that some people forget about with Sci-Fi.

Men are pigs. Yeah. I said it. I’ll admit it. But here’s why: Men chase after that one thing they can never have–the perfect. Instead of seeing women as the image of God, as women who are made to be helpmates, they are seen as things to be conquered, things to be taken, to have pleasure from. I mean down right pigs sometimes.

But that’s not the picture we are given about how women are to be treated. When Jesus was traveling through a place called Samaria, he met a woman who had been married a bunch of times and now was shacked up with another. She was one of those women you might say. Yet he sat down and had drink with her and talked with her like a human being.

Jesus was at a fancy dinner when “a woman who was a known sinner” (cough prostitute cough) came and started washing Jesus’ feet with her long hair. Everyone else was against, yet Jesus turns to the host of the party and tells him just how beautiful and precious this woman was.

Yes, Jesus hung out with a tight knit group of dudes. But it wasn’t like a frat house group. They were good strong men. But Jesus also had women who wanted to serve him too. Women who had seen the fact that they were precious in the eyes of God and were treated as such.

It was at the cross that though all his friends left him, three woman stood at there to be with him while he died. And it was on the third day after he died on the cross that the woman, not his friends, came to the tomb to pay their last respects. If he hadn’t have done something right these woman wouldn’t have braved what they did.

I’m a huge sci-fi fan. And I love the art work that these artists do in the comics. I love great movies and shows. And I’m not saying a woman isn’t allowed to be sexual. Trust me, boy howdy trust me. But why can’t we have strong women who can kick total..uhm, donkey in these books, movies and shows and not feel like they need to make their sexuality their greatest gift.

My question though is: Why can’t there be strong women, like some of the strong women in the Bible. Deborah who led the battle when men wouldn’t stand up. Jael who drove a tent peg through a dude’s head. Rhab who committed treason to help spy for the Israelite armies in Jericho. Or Mary, Martha and the others who stood at the foot of the cross and came to the tomb when they knew they’d be beaten, raped and killed for doing so.

Where are those strong women?

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2 Responses to Captian Kirk’s Lawsuit

  1. Dondi says:

    Well there are you aren’t looking in the right places. In books there are women like Kahlan in the Seeker series from Terry Goodkind. In comics you have women like Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgram. In movies you have Sucker punch and women who take names and kicks Donkey as you put it.. I am a guy and I think all women are beautiful and it is nice to see a women stand up for herself. So when storm in x mean asked Toad what happens when a frog gets struck by Lighting? And her answer is what happens to everything else, no matter how she looks it means that she is a women who can take you out if you make her angry and I am down with that. There are strong written women out there you just have to find them.

    • jbenton8 says:

      Thank you for your comment and insight. I would agree that Storm in the 2000 X-men movie is a strong woman who isn’t sexualized. My biggest issue is that sexuality trumps strength with women in sci-fi. Many are getting better, but at the same time the DC’s new 52 takes it back a few steps. Since this posting I’ve been reading more blogs out there such as The Mary Sue that showcase strong non-sexulized female characters. And this is good.

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