Points Plus Powers activate!

So, I’m still not getting this whole Weight Watchers (for men) thing. I way over ate yesterday…in fact my wiggle room points went from 49 to 25. On Monday I got to the annoying Homer Simpson 5 lbs mark. You know the one. It’s when they congratulate you on losing the weight and then smack you with loss of one point. (cue Homer Simpson “Woo-Hoo…DOH!).

And to tell the truth, I’m shocked about yesterday. I was up late on Monday with meetings, etc, then was up way stinking early working on a funeral meditation. I didn’t eat well. Or at lest I thought I didn’t. My cereal that morning was about 7 points. My lunch was at the funeral and I didn’t really do well (didn’t do well translates as three slices of really stinking good cake…like huge slices). I had made a pot roast in the crock pot for supper and had meat and potatoes and carrots. When you eat the carrots and potatoes, you get the “power points.” But 4 small russet potatoes is like 16 points. They’re powerful but stinking expensive.

And to top it off, I went to a school function last night and figured I could help donate money by doing a cake walk (think about it…exercise by walking to music, huh? huh? okay, never mind). Last year, I dropped like 10 bucks into the kiddy and didn’t win a thing. Figured that’d happen again this time. Well, don’t’cha just know it, I won on the first try. I picked out what I thought was a dozen cupcakes (with all that exerecise, I couldn’t count–there were 20). I figured they’d be portion controlled and the kids would want to eat more than me. Yeah, portioned controlled but now will powered controlled.

Let’s just say yesterday was so not a good day. I was wiped–tired physically, gave my all emotionally and was just plain tired all around. And I probably did some emotional eating (yeah, I know, I gotta work on that).

And here’s the kicker. I weighed myself this morning, kicking myself thinking I gained like 4 lbs (and they don’t give you back the points you lost either). And I hardly gained a thing! If anything at all, it was about 1/2 a pound if at that. So, now I’m weigh confused…I mean way confused. But, hey I’ll take it.

I’m thinking them Points Plus have super powers or something like that.

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2 Responses to Points Plus Powers activate!

  1. Ken Krause says:

    Just the other week I worked out every day of the week (running), kept under my points every day and never touched the weekly ones. I was expecting to loose at least 2lbs and didn’t think it was unreasonable to loose 4. What happened? I gained 2!! What’s up with that?! PointsPlus giveth, PointsPlus taketh away!

    • jbenton8 says:

      Ken.. you might actually have gained some muscle too. On the website you can also choose measurements to track as well. Try tracking some of your inches around your gut and use that as well for tracking weight, etc. I haven’t done that yet because I’ve been sick and now am limping around right now.

      Good to hear I’m not the only one doing the points thing.

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