Jacob’s limp, the shepherd’s crook and humbling stupidity

Ever since my interesting trip to the Bad Lands, I’ve been walking with a limp and a cane. The cane’s actually come in handy. This morning my son didn’t want to wake up so guess what I did? Yeah, I poked him with the cane. My daughter started running away from me this morning and guess what I did, yeah, I hooked with the handle of the cane. And they thought it was great.

I’ve been leaning hard on my cane, an aluminum blue cane really. Don’t think it’s built to hold my weight. And it’s started to crack a bit. So, I did what any guy would do in an attempt to fix it. I used duct tape. I’m still trying to figure out how to mold a lions head out of duct tape and put it on the handle. I even dropped the roll of duct tape and was able to pick it up off the ground with the cane. The fun thing’s I’ve been able to do thus far.

Today though, I learned more about my Jacob’s limp, the shepherd’s crook and my own stupidity. Let’s start with the stupid first, cause you can’t fix it but boy can you make fun of it when you have to live with it. After hobbling around for a week and a half or so, I went hiking again. Yeah. Real smart Benton, I know. But I needed to. I needed some R & R after a hectic week.

I wrapped more duct tape on the cane for extra support, got in my car and drove to the nearby recreation area on the Missouri River here in South Dakota. The trail started easily enough. Either way I went, I was on the right path. It was a nice little hike and when I got back to my car, I noticed a smaller trail off the ways a bit. It was unmarked. Yeah. You’d think I’d’ve learned from the last adventure. but I went anyway.

And I hiked. Step by step. Moment by moment. My limp made me walk slower. My limp made me lean on my cane which people keep saying looks like a shepherds crook. I smelled the mint along the trail. I felt the strong breeze at first at my back and then against my face. I felt the pine trees as I walked through them. I heard the tall grass russeling (not sure if that’s a word or not) in the wind. I was doing nothing for that moment and enjoying it. Every moment of it.

I walked the trail through the tall grass and went thorugh some pine trees and then turned a bend. On top of the small hill there was a bench. A bench just sitting there, looking over the whole Missouri River.( I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the hike might be tough, but it’s worth the view)I sat down, plugged my headphones into my iPhone (yes, I still can’t get away from technology, I know) and played this is my Father’s world. And then Blessed be Your Name started to play and I started to cry.

It’s been a tough week. And I needed my savior to sit next to me and comfort me. I needed my God to hold me close, to send his Spirit in my life for me to lean on. And so I did.

I’ve learned from my stupidity–you can’t fix it, but you can be humbled by it because God uses it. He’s good at using stupid. My limp has humbled me, my limp has made me trust more in others. My adventurous spirit led me to go higher and farther, my not paying attention got me a limp and God has used that. My son, my 6 year-old son has made me trust in him as he opens doors for me, gets things out of the fridge for me and helps me set the table. I’ve begun to see how God’s used this to help me son serve others.

My God has used my stupidity for His glory and I’m humbled. What about you? Where has God used your stupidity in your life? Where are you stupid right now and need his humbling and glory in your life? I’ll tell you this, the hike might be tough, but boy howdy, it’s worth the view!

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