Jacob’s Limp

So, I’ve been walking with a cane now since Thursday. I finally got over that blasted pneumonia and was all read to get going to my workouts again. I was so looking forward to going at my heavy bag, lifting weights and even doing some jumproping (is that a word?). And then I slipped and fell. To be honest, I still say it was worth it. To the day I die, I will say it’s worth it. And now, I have this limp to remind me that not only did I see the masterpiece made by our maker, but I also have a limp reminding me that I also need to move forward and pay attention to what is ahead of me.

I keep thinking of Jacob from the Bible. He rassled God and lived to tell about it. (Yeah, I said rasseld.). In Genesis 32:22-31, we read how Jacob, the scoundrel, the man who did all he could to manipulate and get what he could out of something, even stealing his brother’s birthright with a bowl of stew, rasseled with God. And boy howdy did he rassle with Him. In fact, we read that God couldn’t beat him and so busted his hip instead.

He did something else too though. He gave Jacob a new name. Back then, you’re name was special, you gave it only to those you trusted. You gave it to those whom had power over you. And God asks Jacob for his name. God knows his name, but there’s something special going on here, because God then changes Jacob’s name to Isreal–because he has rasseld with men and God and lives to tell about it.

Now, I didn’t rassle with God. In fact, I saw God’s beauty and grandeur. I truly felt his presence that day. All time and space and everything else stopped for those moments as I looked across the Bad Lands But I still now walk with a limp. I focused on what was behind me and not what lie before me. God doesn’t ask us to look backwards as we walk with Christ, he asks us to walk forwards towards the Goal.

And so, this morning, I got back into the groove as it were. I couldn’t go at it with my heavy bag, I couldn’t really lift because my weights right now are keeping down my heavy bag and lifting them with the limp isn’t the best idea. Even jumping rope won’t work. So, I went back to the basics. I did situps and pushups. To tell the truth, the frog situps were the best for my knee and ankle. With the pushups, it is frakin’ hard to do with one leg. I did it (okay, so I wound up wussing out and doing it on one knee instead, but still hard).

Don’t look back. Jacob asked God to bless him and God did. And then Jacob limped forward. I was given the view of a life time, and I looked back. And now I limp with joy knowing that I am to continue to move forward towards the goal.

Run in such a way as to get the prize. Everyone who competes in the games goes into strict training. They do it too get a crown that will not last; but we do it to get a crown that will last forever. 1 Corinthians 9:25

Where do you need to stop looking back and start looking forward towards the goal?

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