Bad Land Rest 4


Last night scared the snot out of me. It had been windy when I went to bed but not all that bad. I crawled into my sleeping bag, read a few chapters of Heir to the Empire and watched some Full Metal Alchemist on my iPod. By this time it was a bit more windyer (is that a word?) but still ok.

Some time later I was awoken by something (and I was worried maybe someone) tapping my shoulder. I looked over my shoulder to see the tent wall slapping me on my back. After quickly reminding myself that I wasn’t in The Blair Witch Project, I realized I needed to escape the tent before it collapsed.

The first thing I did was grab my phone, iPod and Heir to the Empire. I realized my priorities weren’t rifht so I also grabbed my meds and sleeping bag too ( and my tooth paste. Who wants to be found dead with nasty breathe).

I spent the rest of the night sleeping in the passenger seat, sleeping bag like a blanket, windows cracked and praying the tent didn’t blow away–my guitar and underware were still in there (that was my concern in that order too).

This morning the tent is still standing. Coffee made and drunk. Bible has been read. All I hear now is a slight breeze and cars somewhere in the distance driving too fast to truly take in this land around me.

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