Bad Land Rest


I needed rest. That no one would argue with. It took a lot of work to rest.

The day started out grest–cornbeef hash, eggs and an english muffin (17 points but worth it) and listening to WOW Worship Purple. Then it all folded on itself. I had to make a run to Mitchell (45 minutes one way) I had to finish packing, say goodbye to my wife…and then head to a CRC pastors lunch I really wanted to attend. And I did…I was only an hour late.

I soon was on the road and realized two things 1) I seem to always be in a hurry and 2) I do a ton of church work on my phone.

So I hit the road with the music blaring and decided to actually for once take my time. It felt weird. Yeah. Sad huh.

When I arrived at the Bad Lands National park, I parked at the first vista overlook. As I stepped out of the car it took me a second to realize what I was hearing. I heard silence. Pure and beautiful silence. Looking at that scene, the amazing landscape I saw and being enveloped in the pure silence, I began to cry. I’ve never experienced silence such as this. Beautiful silence. God was in this place smiling at the gift of silence which he gave to me.

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One Response to Bad Land Rest

  1. Jeff says:

    Wonderful post. I love the picture. You have developed an ascetic’s soul. Jeff

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