Thor and Peace

I’m worried that I’ve lost points on my geek card. I didn’t get a chance to see Thor in the theaters. I didn’t get to see Captain America in the theaters either. (Bought a blue ’08 Dodge Avenger and named it Captain American though. Might be able to save some geek points on that one.) But I have been watching Disney XD’s Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

I’ve learned a few things from Thor on that show. In the comic books, (and movie I’m told) Thor is cast out of Asgard (the home of the Norse gods) and sent to Midgard (earth) because he is cocky, stubborn and arrogant. And he is cast out of heaven and sent to live amongst the mortals to learn humility and the need to put others first.

But Thor in Disney XD’s version is different. He values honor. He also has a heart for the people of Midgard. He wishes to protect them. He wishes to help them. In fact, he voluntarily leaves Asgard when asked to stay behind during Odin’s yearly Odin Sleep. He refuses and goes to Midgard to battle and protect. Yes, he’s a bit misguided. yes, he’s a bit arrogant about it. But still he wants to do his best to help others.

I like that about him. And honestly, I try to do the same, of course with out Mjölnir of course (his hammer). I also try hard to push forward and to help and to do what I can. I have a great heart for the people out there in need of help. It’s not a messiah complex or anything. I’m not out to save the people. But I want to make a dent to help those in need. Those who are hurting. Those who are struggling. Those who are in pain and can use the healing found in the Great Physician Jesus. (This is a Spiritual Sci-Fi Friday, remember). And I push hard. I give my all and I still falter.

The one thing about Thor is that he realized that he needed help too. In the Disney XD version, he sees that he needs to team up with others to fight off the baddies. And this leads to the formation of The Avengers (Wasp suggests that name because to her, it just sounds cool.). Alone, the Avengers can do okay. But together, they can do so much more.

And I have to remind myself of that. I’m not at this alone. There are others with me. There are others who are able to work with me to help those in need. Not only that, but in The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, the teammates help each other out personally. They encourage one another, they have fun with one another. They have each other’s backs. And we all need this for our own spiritual, emotional and physical well being. We all need a team of people to help us, encourage us and fight the good fight with us.

I have that team with me here at my church I serve. I also have that team with me with my good friends all over the place. We encourage and help one another.

What’s your team? Who encourages, supports and fights the fight with you?

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