The epic battle that never was

I’m ill. I’ve had this blasted walking pneumonia so long that I don’t need spell check to help me spell pneumonia (and for a dyslexic that’s pretty long). I keep getting told that I need to rest to get better. But I need to get work done. And of course, I get myself all outta breath and then can’t do nothing.

And then I think of Indiana Jones. Well, more like Harrison Ford to tell the truth. And not in that way. Dude. No, during the filming of Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indy is running through Cairo and comes upon a dude with a sword who does all the cool sword moves. Indy on the other hand, just finished running for his life and quite in a foul mood, pulls out his gun and shows the guy.

Now, there’s a story behind that. Apparently Harrison Ford was quite ill that day. But they were on a very tight schedule. In a moment of improv, he just shot the guy and kept going. This has become one of the most classic scenes in the movie.

Since I’ve been sick, I’ve hardly been able to work out or exercise. Before I knew I had this blasted walking pneumonia, I was trying to go at my heavy bag and do some basic calisthenics to stay in shape because I was so busy. But I’d get outta breath real quick like. And then I was told by the doc to rest and not push it.

So, I’ve been improvising. I’ve been doing what the doc has told me to and to stick to drinking lots of liquids. But I’ve also stuck to the Weight Watchers (for Men) very tightly. And I’ve been resting. And I’ve been getting better. Yet I also know that I can’t push myself too hard because Friday I felt better so I went for a walk and that made things worse.

So, I’m thinking WWID (What would Indy Do?) of course, it’d be more like Harrison Ford but of course that wouldn’t make sense either.

But I’ve also been using this free time to read through my Bible and stay in prayer. A healthy body needs a healthy spirit to keep it going. So, I’m making sure I’m focusing on my spiritual health as much as I am on my physical health. And with this free time, It’s been helpful. I’ve spent a lot of time in prayer these last few days. Now I just hope I can get this blasted pneumonia kicked and get moving on with things.

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