Stupid Rhinos

I’ve never liked colds. They’re all drippy and coughy and all that stuff. But in winter, you get them. They arrive during the holidays just like that family member that drives you nuts but you gotta allow in for Thanksgiving or Christmas anyway because, well, they’re there already and it’d be mean to let the go but secretly you just want to put them in the oven with the turkey? Yeah. That’s how I feel about colds.

Now, colds are colds and are expected in the winter time. You grumble about them but then you move forward anyway. A summer cold on the other hand is just plain mean. It’s like a slap in the face reminding you that nothing’s safe during the summer time. And the rhinovirus hits ya making sure you face the next summer with fear and trembling never knowing when it’ll charge at you and lay you flat.

Now, some of this is my own fault. Yeah, it really is. Though I’ve been doing my best to stay healthy and fit (Shout to Weight Watchers…for Men 15lbs and counting) I’ve also been stretched then and haven’t been getting much sleep or rest. Oh, rest, how I miss thee. And now that I’ve been stretched so thin, the rhinovirus with its mass army of neon green nose goblins and secret sore throat ninjas come attacking.

So, I’m laying low. Taking it easy. Trying to sleep all I can. Taking time for prayer for health and prayer for others. Taking time to just breathe (when my dose idn’t sduffed dup) and taking vitamins.

What about you, how do you deal with a summer cold?

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