Points to ponder

I gave up. I decided I needed help. A year ago, I was under my goal weight and was joyfully trying to figure out my new goal weight. I was under 300lbs for the first time in 10 years! Then we moved to South Dakota where the main recipe in a lot of the food here is a pinch of awesome. You want good farm cookin where the steak you’re chowin down on just mooed three days ago, come to South Dakota.

Then it happened. Slowly at first. It crept up on me. First I noticed my collar was getting a bit to tight when I tied my tie. Then I noticed my pants were starting to hurt a little bit if I sat down too long (and that’s at the natural waist line, none of this over/under stuff for me). I queitly one day snuck out and bought a cheap pair of jeans that were a size bigger. No one had to know. Not even me. Then I had to get a larger dress shirt and that’s when it hurt.

And so, I began the ever spiral of self pitty and Pillsbury Chocolate icing. A number of stressful life factors came in as well. But still, I used the icing to smooth over the cracks of pain. I began hitting the gym more and harder. I was feeling more fit. I was feeling better. I was still hovering around 330 though. And I couldn’t get it below 328.

Finally, as a birthday present, I was given a three month membership to Weight Watchers. That girly thing? Where Jennifer Hudson and others advertise how it’s helped them. I’m all in but the only girlish figure I want is my wife standing next to me. No, no no, they have Weight Watchers for men. So, is this like where you can eat more meat and less veggies? Nope. But it does have a cool iPhone app.

On Sunday, we had cake. My first thought: How many points. Yeah. that’s right. I didn’t think of anything else. Not the fact that it was in celebration of 70 years of marriage for a couple in our church, not that, the points.

I’m also realizing I’m stingy too. I’m eating more fruits not because they’re good for me. No. Because they’re 0 points. ya. Nada, zippo. So, if I want to eat ice cream at night and it’s 2 in the afternoon. I save my points by munching on an apple.

But at the same time it’s like “but I like a ton of mayo on my burgers.” Nope. 9 points for 3 tablespoons of that stuff.

So, I’m not eating exactly what i want but I know I can have some burgers and ice cream. Still figuring out these points. I also read a post this morning on Robshep.com about the same thing. So I’m not the only dude trying to figure all this out.

So, I’ll ask the same questions he did: Have you ever done weight watchers? Have you lost weight? What’d you think of it?

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2 Responses to Points to ponder

  1. Rob Shepherd says:

    Thanks for the shout. I like that I can still eat what I want just in moderation. It's not easy but so far I've lost 8 lbs.

  2. Josh Benton says:

    Not a prob.. I like giving credit where credit's due and that other's are on the journey too.. Kinda like Canterbury tales.. save then I start thinking of Cadburry eggs and then.. yeah.. not good.. oh, and beef jerky's 3 points. a home made burger's about 6 points or so.. just watch the mayo. Keep it up. Congrats on the 8lbs.. its tough to do.

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