blogging block

Since Tuesday, Ive been wracking my brains on what to write about. Come Wednesday, my thoughts are all tapped out. I’ve been arguing back and forth with myself about just what to write about and nothing at all I could think of seemed to work.

This is kinda how it happened over the last few days

Me: What am I supposed to write about?

Other Me: Write what you know.

M: What’s that supposed to mean? “Write what you know.” C’mon, what cliche did you grab that from?

OM: Seriously, you have to be mean? I’m trying to help. It’s your blog.

M: What about Tinkerbell’s Great Fairy Rescue?

OM: Seriously? Why?

M: Because I just saw it with my two year-old daughter recently. Well, I saw most of it. I’m never finishing that thing. Always starting it but never actually finish watching it. I mean, how do they rescue Vidia from Lizzy’s father who was on his way to the museum to expose fairies to the world?

OM: You are kidding right? …how many times have you seen that movie anyway?

M: Well, I just saw it and it’s on my mind

OM: But Tinkerbell? Really?

M: Well, she’s independent, self sufficient and a strong female character for my daughter.

OM: We’ll put a pin in that one and place it on the back burner. What else ya got?

M: I’m doing a guest post on The Network about being a Geek in the Pew. I could do that.

OM: But then you’re double dipping. You could, but you gotta write it first. And anyway, this isn’t Spiritual Sci-Fi Friday, it’s a Wednesday. You don’t do Serious Wednesdays like Jon Acuff does. You’re already borrowing the idea of doing an inner dialogue from him for this post and then you’ll take his Serious Wednesday? Not cool. That’s just copying…so not cool.

M: Good point. Good point.

OM: You started this blog to talk about health. What about health can you talk about?

M: Not much, save that over the last week and a half I had a ton of birthday cake?

OM: yeah, but it was such good cake.

M: Boy was it. Of course, might as well just stapled it to my thighs…I have my mother’s thighs, I’ll just have to live with it.

OM: We’re getting sidetracked.

M: You started it.

OM: No, you did. You asked the question. Wait. Which me asked what question again? I’m confused.

M: Maybe I should just write about Tinkerbell’s Great Fairy Rescue.

OM: Why? Do you want to have a Girly Thursday or something?

M: I want to write something.

OM: You don’t’ just write down random thoughts that come through your head. This is a blog. There has to be some order.

M: Dude, chill…I just called myself dude, didn’t I?

OM: Yeah..I’m weireded out too.

M: I have a sermon to work on. I’ll post a blog tomorrow for Spiritual Sci-Fi Friday.

OM: On what?

M: I’m thinking…this isn’t going to go well, is it?

Anybody else ever have days like this?

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2 Responses to blogging block

  1. Josh Benton says:

    Thanks Rob.. coming from you that means a lot. Though I feel like I was ripping Jon Acuff off a bit.

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