Sun burns and Krabby Pattys

I’m trying real hard to be thankful for having a sun burn. Yeah, that’s right. Trying to be hard being thankful for a sun burn. Why, you ask? I really don’t know. It’s 9pm at night while I write this and it’s 85 out right now. I spent a wonderful, fun filled day yesterday with our church’s youth group at a water park. I came home tired, smelling like chlorine and redder than Sponge Bob’s boss at the Krusty Krab.

What I don’t get about sun burns is that people look at you in all your red lobsterness (an yes, I know Mr. Krabs is acrab) and ask “You have a sun burn, huh?” Maybe it’s just the body rushing blood away from my brain to heal the skin but the first thing I want to usually say is “What was your first clue, Captain Obvious?” …which I don’t say but sometimes I really really really do.

Being the nerd that I am, I went on WebMd today to look up sun burns (which was better than my first choice, Wikipedia, but Wikipedia had cooler pictures). Apparently I even chagned my DNA with the sun or something like that. Cool. Sadly, I won’t be able to climb walls like spider man or shoot beams out of my eyes like Cyclops. But still, cool, my skin had a chemical reaction of red awesome yesterday.

But it still hurts. Like ouch hurts.

Maybe I can be thankful that I can peel the skin next week…or did I just gross you out. Sorry.. I think it’s a guy thing.

I could be thankful that now I can get out of mowing the lawn tomorrow like I said I would…wait, no, because I can wear a long sleeve shirt and quit my belly aching.

When I was a kid and we’d get wicked bad burns, we’d slather on aloe vera gel and lay in front of a fan and fall asleep. That sounds nice. An excuse to take a nap. Wish I thought of that earlier today.

Well, so far I haven’t thought of anything to be thankful for in regards to having a sun burn. I’m gonna go read my manga now and rest.

How’re ways you can be thankful for something like a sun burn that might be hard to be thankful for. Share it and let me know, I’d like to try it for my sun burn.

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