The Adult ADD prayer

Our Father who art in heaven…
…why is he “who art” in heaven. That’s a funny word, “art” it sounds like a seal barking…that would be funny: a seal barking.. art! art! art! …

Sorry, God…ah, hem… who art in heaven…
…I wonder if heaven’s purple?
I wonder if it’ll be fun there…will they play rock n’ roll or some of that old time Gospel music I heard once at that barber shop.
He really cut my hair short that day…
…man I hate it when you wear that shirt you wore the next day…
…that shirt you wear when you get your hair cut and then put it on the next day and it’s all itchy. ….

Sorry God…ah, hem…sorry sorry…hallowed be thy name…
Is it hollowed? … Or Howard?
Why hallowed? Is it up? Is it down?
Would hallowed be polka dotted or more of a valor feeling to it.
I think my grandma had something that was valor once. I should call her.
She sent me a birthday card last week. …
…I was supposed to send her a birthday card last week


Oh yeah…hallowed by thy name…I’m sorry, God, I keep getting off track
…your kingdom come…
I was always told that I wouldn’t actually do what I was told until kingdom come…is that what I’m praying for?
If it’s kingdom come why shouldn’t I do what I was told…

…did I feed the cat this morning?

I am so sorry, God…your will be done…

… …
What in the world does that mean?
Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven…
I really have to wonder if heaven’s purple? Seriously God, heaven just seems like it’d be purple to me


Give me this day my daily bread…
Or pizza…why do they call it pizza? What’s with that ‘tsza’ sound…
…why can’t they spell it phonetically….
…why isn’t phonetic spelled phonetically…
…how would you phonetically spell pizza…
…would it be peetzsa?
What about give me this day my daily peetzsa…would it be okay to also pray for help with my check book…did I pay the car payment?

…did I feed the cat


Dear lord, I was trying to pray for someone…not I can’t remember. I was told to pray that you forgive others as you’ve forgiven me…but …wait…no, that’s why I was praying…

You know what Lord just please help me to focus on you. Forgive me from wandering. Help me not get distracted by shinny objects when I try to look to you.

…help me to focus on praying to you
… help me focus living for you
… Help me focus serving you
… keep me from wandering

…oh yeah, and Amen.

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5 Responses to The Adult ADD prayer

  1. Tom Speelman says:

    I really like this! Great work!

  2. I love it! It reminds me of when our daughter was little and couldn't understand part of the classic "Jesus Loves Me" song. The lyrics are "…we are weak, but He is strong" and she wanted to know what "weak but" was!

  3. Josh Benton says:

    I wrote this some years back, didn't finish it, misplaced it somewhere on my hard drive of my computer (seriously, how does one do that?) then a year or two later, found it, finished it and then promptly lost it again on my hard drive once again. Hard drive got wiped accidentally so thought I lost it forever. Wanted to do this post on prayer and ADD and then figured I'd look for it just in case. Found it, then forgot where I put it on my external hard drive and then found it again yesterday. Yes, I am ADD

  4. Dragonfly says:

    Oh, Josh. This is terrific. Mandy and I enjoyed it more than you can imagine. Thanks.

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