how much time

I was realizing. I don’t sit down with my friends and say, I’m going to spend 5 minutes talking with you today and then I’m going to leave. I never say to my wife, for 1/2 hour I’m going to sit and talk with you. I never say to my older brother or sister or mom or whomever, I’m going to spend 10 minutes a day talking with you. No. I talk with them off and on. I listen to them. I process what they say and I respond.

How often do we then say “I’m going to spend 10 minutes a day in prayer.” or “I’m going to spend 10 minutes a day reading the Bible.” If I said that to ANY of my friends they’d laugh at me. If I said that to my wife, she’d get a bit upset. And yet, the one whom loves us the most, the one who moved heaven and earth to make it possible for us to be with him for eternity, will only (ONLY!) get 10 minutes of your day tops! I chat with my brother on Facebook more than that.

I’ve started doing something called The 60/60 Experiment. It’s from a book called Soul Revolution by John Burke. Check out the website (sorry, having issues with the link thingy)

I’m working on continually talking with God. And it’s harder than I thought it’d be. For the last week I’ve been doing this. For every 60 minutes of my waking time, I pray to God. I seek His wisdom. I say a short prayer, and continue on. In the first week, I’m amazed at when the alarm has gone off for me to pray. Even while working out it’s made me pause and think.

I’m working on my spiritual journey, and I’m coming to my God in prayer. I’m hoping to post more of my reflections on here as the weeks go by.

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