Being Accountable

The other day, my phone rang (Main theme from Star Wars). It was my good friend.

“Hey, Josh. I went jogging this morning.”
“Dude! way to go, I lifted yesterday and hope to go tomorrow.”
“yeah, I lifted yesterday and did outside jogging today, the weather was great.”
“Thanks for calling.”
“Yeah, I like the idea of us being accountable to one another. It’s good to have someone to connect with and make sure we’re doing this.”
“I know what you mean. How’re you with staying in the word?”
“As in personal devotions? I’m doing good. Been going through a good devotional series right now. You?”
“I’ve been so busy and struggling with it. I’ve been going through the Today daily devotional and working on doing it. Keep in me in prayer about that. I keep falling behind and don’t like it.”

And then the conversation went in different directions.

My friend’s been my friend since college. We used to lift together. He was my spotter and I his. A spotter is someone there to help you lift the weights, make sure you can lift it, encourage you and if you can’t handle the weight, help you lift it up so you can finish the rep safely.

Do you have someone you’re accountable with with your physical and spiritual health? Do you have a spotter?

There’s something about having a spotter keep you accountable to what you’re doing. When we do so physically with our health, it helps us know that yeah, I’m going to have to admit to the fact that I didn’t do what I said I would this week, or yeah, I ate that twinkie when I shouldn’t have. But also spiritually. Do you have someone who can pray with you? Pray for you? Help make sure you’re staying in the word? Help make sure you’re walking the walk you profess in Jesus?

If not, I highly suggest you find one.

A few suggestions:
1. Your spiritual spotter should NOT be a spouse. That can cause more harm that good.

2. Your spiritual spotter should be the same gender as you. I don’t think I even need to explain why.

3. You and your spotter should agree to connect if not by phone then by person at least once a week.

4. It only works if you are truly honest with your spotter, with yourself and with God.

5. Don’t be mean, but don’t be soft.

Find a spotter and begin work on your spiritual health!

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