Golden Silence

Yesterday I finally had a chance to work out. It’d been a few days and I was missing it. As I’ve said a number of times, It’s part of how I recharge and how I refocus. And I hadn’t lifted in about a week and I was feeling it. So, finally, work done, house empty save for me and my bench. I went to the basement with my iPod, portable speakers, water bottle and a whole lot of lifting to do.

As I started lifting, my portable speakers stopped. I had a choice: stop the rhythm I had gotten into and get my headphones or exercise in silence. I opted for silence. I noticed something, Time stopped. It was just me. Nothing else. Just me. I’m not used to that. I’m used to noise–weights dropping, people talking, music blasting. But now, nothing.

I took that a step forward later that evening. I stopped. I remained quiet. The words “Be still and know that I am God.” started flowing through my mind.

In our spiritual walk, we need times of just silence. I’m not talking about emptying out yourself. We need time to just stop, listen, think. Allow time to stop and just exist in the presence of God. Focus on him. Listen to him.

I gotta do both again.

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