Encouraging each other on

Today at the gym, I bumped into someone from church. We started talking and catching up a bit (hadn’t had time to talk and connect for a little while). Then he said something. He said that I’m looking better than I was a year ago. That compliment felt good. In fact, I’ve had a couple of people in the last five months tell me that they can tell I’ve lost weight and am looking healthier than I have in the past. And you know what, this has given me energy to keep going. I know I’m doing well. I know I’m on track in staying healthy and being active. And also, each time someone tells me that they think I’m doing well, it makes me feel like I’m accomplishing something.

There’s a verse in the letter to the Hebrews that says just that. “Let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds.” (http://read.ly/Heb10.24.NIV)

But this doesn’t apply to telling someone that their exercise routine is doing them well. It’s more than that. When we spur each other on in love and good deeds, we’re encouraging one another to keep doing what’ their doing for God and His church. It’s encouraging each other to keep doing what we’re doing.

I think sometimes we forget that it’s hard work at times to help and serve others. We can get burnt out. Sometimes we get so focused on what we’re doing that we forget why we’re doing it.

For me personally, I’m lifting weights because 1) I enjoy it and it’s a good way for me to recharge but most importantly 2) for me to be healthy and in good working order so I can be there for my wife, kids, and others. There are times when I just focus on getting the routine done and get going home. Which is kind of where I was this afternoon until someone reminded me why I was doing what I was doing.

Why are you doing what you are doing? Don’t forget it. Where are you serving in church, helping someone out, being there for a friend or a family member, don’t forget why you’re doing it. And encourage one another on in love and good deeds.

Food, Fitness, Faith–Spur each other on!

Food–if you are dieting with someone else, encourage them to keep at it. Tell them what they’re doing well and where they’re succeeding.

Fitness–If you’re exercising with a friend encouraging each other to keep at it especially when it’s tough or tiring to keep on going. (as Tony Little says)You can do it!

Faith–the author of Hebrews says it best really “Consider how you may spur each other on in love and good deeds. How can you encourage others in church, in your faith walk to keep doing what they’re doing. Build each other up, help each other serve and love others.

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2 Responses to Encouraging each other on

  1. friendcal says:

    I ran into someone from church at the gym today also. I had just finished my swim and my run (I'm preparing for a triathlon). My shirt was literally soaked with sweat down to my waistline – to the point of being see through. And there they were, looking for directions to someone's house. I have to tell you, I was very tempted to pretend I didn't see them!

  2. Josh Benton says:

    lol.. yeah.. I think there are times where we all just want to duck and cover.. it's hard to talk to others sometimes when you're sweaty all over and smelling worse than yesterday's trash… I just hope that they're not downwind from me. Thanks for the comment(PS–I would have responded earlier, but for some reason my notification for comments was off)

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