Refresh, Refocus, Renew

Refresh. Refocus. Renew. I came across these words this last Sunday morning at church and it struck me. These words come from the daily devotional called Today ( As I looked at these words, I started thinking about how I can do just that–refresh, refocus, renew. And then I realized, I’m working on that right now. When I first started exercising, I did so for my health. When I first started lifting again, I did so for my health. But then I started realizing that lifting did something for me. It helped me recharge, it helped me take a step back and allow myself some time away from everything else. It gives me the opportunity to refresh, refocus and renew.

After looking at these words, I started thinking about other ways I take time to refresh, refocus and renew. Lately, I’ve been doing devotions from the Today devotional but also from reading through the book of Matthew in the Bible. It’s been a time to step back and focus on who God is. To focus on what God is doing in my life. To refresh and refocus on what Jesus has done for me and how I want to be more like Him in every way.

One of the things I’m starting to see is this: God takes care of me. He takes care of His people. I know in my heart and deep in my soul that God has called me to be a follower of Jesus, to be one who preaches His word. To be one to live my life in a way that helps others live more like Jesus as well. But He won’t let me do this alone and he won’t let me burn out. He has given support through people I know and through a small daily devotional called Today. He also helps me find a way to stay healthy and to help me refresh, refocus, renew.

How are ways you can take time during your week to refresh, refocus and renew?

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