Day 2

We made it in to Biloxi this afternoon. We’re at a church where their ministry is in hosting other groups who come down to do work in the area for hurricane relief work. When I was getting ready to come down, many people asked me what work was left. It had been 5 years since Katrina and Rita hit the Gulf Coast area. Our host, Mr. Ken, informed us that after the hurricanes there was roughly 70,000-80,000 homes lost. Lost. Gone. Destroyed. Families displaced. Homes gone. Memories only remained. Mr. Ken stated that at the highest housing boom in the Mississippi area the number of homes built in a year was 2,500. It would take roughly 30 years to rebuild all the homes lost. Not only that, but many people don’t have the money or resources to rebuild or to even tear down so that they can rebuild. So that’s why we’re here.

This evening, after dinner, while relaxing. I played basket ball… something I haven’t done in years. I was shocked at how well I could play without stopping and wheezing and having to rest. I was also amazed at how much I remembered from Mr. R in Jr High back in the day. I could play basket ball!! Exercising is paying off…

Tomorrow is church then a tour of what still remains to be repaired and rebuilt in the area. Pray that work gets done… that the work of the Holy Spirit is done.. that we can all do His will while we’re here.

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